In addition to being a principal member of THE MANHATTANS, Blue is a producer, manager and writer.  During his illustrious career he has performed worldwide with hundreds of R&B artists from the 60's into the new millennium.  In 1985, he introduced to the music world the soulful talents of Regina Belle.

He has written many hit songs including the classic "Kiss And Say Goodbye".  Blue states, "there were lots of songs I sat down and composed.  I did big arrangements on them--worked on them for a week and nothing happened.  A lot of times I heard songs in my sleep but was too tired to get up and struggle into where the piano was.  But this particular night, I couldn't just lie there.  I heard the melody...everything was there.  I got up around 3:00 in the morning and jotted down the things I wanted to say.  I just put the words together on my tape recorder and little piano".  He believes that everyone can relate to the message of this song; especially if they've experienced the heartache of that one special's the lo-ve triangle situation we've all been through.